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Where are the Safe Havens?

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Nvidia No More

First €xit

The Case for a Right Wing Europe

Why the Yen will continue crashing, and what will make it stop.

What Stage?

The effect of the EU's Digital Rules on Big Tech+

NVIDIA and its future. Sure thing?

2+1 stocks that I like at the moment

Downside at Google

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The Fed: Threading the Needle

The Battle for Europa

How I shorted Tesla and what I did wrong

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USD is the worst FX, except for all the others.

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Micro-Cap Opportunity $PHILO1

Thoughts on Gold and the setup

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Weaponisation of AI (stuck in a prisoner's dilemma)

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WTHIH? March 2024. Fed Agenda & Valuation

Downside at Microsoft

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Greater Fool Private Equity

Covid Vaccines & the AI Complex

AI and Crypto. Going parabolic, but for how long?

The AI Twilight Zone

Is the US military-industrial complex a ponzi?

A note on Glencore

Downside at Apple. (I wouldn't touch this here)

Vermilion Energy (vs A.I.)


Is the Nasdaq in a Reflexive Bubble?

Downside at NVIDIA (and the Nasdaq at large)

Avon Protection, turning the corner.

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Shouldn't I just invest in the S&P?

Lowering inflation lifts all assets.