Not interested in the "Magnificent Seven"

Not interested in the "Magnificent Seven"

EVs, iPhones, Paid Search, Ads, Hyperscalers and AI.

Does the proverbial safe stock really exist? Do stocks REALLY only go up??

Two years ago I wrote a Rufus piece on the “Quest for the Safe Stock”…explaining how it doesn’t really exist and how the rush into Big Tech could boomerang. It was a tribute to my buddy

who is now a newsletter writer himself with a massive following.

If you are into Big Tech/Passive Investing, you should read it:

Since then I continued to follow the Big Tech darlings with more pieces on Apple and Microsoft. Apple did indeed peak right around the time I wrote the Rufus piece, but Microsoft has been propelled higher by the Hyperscale/AI trade.

In this ~3 minute voice note to self I share my thoughts on the Mag 7 and touch on the trades that make up the overall Mag 7 trade.

Note that these voice notes are indeed as authentic as it gets and not pre-planned. Hence, I forgot to talk about META!

Next up on Philoinvestor: Working on Downside at Google! — paid search dominance, monopoly power, antitrust cases (plural!), cloud competition and more.


Philo 🦉

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