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What’s a philoinvestor?

A philoinvestor (noun) is someone that engages in investments and decision making using a philosophical, educated and unemotional thought process.

PHILOINVESTOR aims to inform and educate its subscribers using a no-nonsense, no-bullshit approach.

PHILOINVESTOR aims to analyse investment opportunities from a business mindset and generate IRR.

PHILOINVESTOR cuts through the fluff and simplifies things by using the 80/20 rule.

PHILOINVESTOR will show you how to use the short-termistic nature of investors and analyst banker-types against them to make money.

For $55/month you can read my paid newsletters that come in at a rate of roughly once every month. The goal is to add value for the reader by finding and pointing out anything that other investors may be missing.

This is achieved by finding companies that are misunderstood by investors and the marketplace. The focus is on the business model, the strategy and how the market is missing the opportunity.

The aim is to make the newsletters brief and to the point.

Quality > Quantity always.

We strive to be heavy on quality and light on numbers. Complicated math and elaborate models is not the way that Philo likes to invest.

Examples open to the public:


Avon Protection






RCI Hospitality

Megapost, Part #1

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